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Room Prices

Rooms Prices with breakfast
Single room STANDARD 150 -190 PLN
Single room LUX 170 – 210 PLN
Double room STANDARD 240 -280 PLN
Double room LUX 260- 290 PLN
Triple room 290- 340 PLN
Apartment STANDARD (for 2 persons) 290 -360  PLN
Apartment STANDARD (for 3 persons) 340 -420  PLN
Apartment STANDARD (for 4 persons) 440 – 510 PLN
Apartment LUX (for 2 persons) 380 – 480 PLN
Usługa Cena
#8211; Breakfast 30 PLN #8211; Dinner 40 PLN
#8211; Supper 30 PLN #8211; Diner dinner with dessert 50 PLN
#8211; A bunch of flowers 50 PLN #8211; A bottle of banquet wine 60 PLN
#8211; A bottle of sparkling wine 50 PLN #8211; Pet 30 PLN /dzień
#8211; A fruit plate 30 PLN #8211; Romantic arrangement of room* 100 PLN

* rose petals, candles, sweet treat.

Breakfast is included in the room price. It is served between 8:00 and 10:00 am in our hotel restaurant. On special request it can also be served earlier, but only after previous arrangement with the reception staff.

    • children younger than 4 years old – STAY FREE OF CHARGE  with breakfast
      ! Sleeping in one bed together with their parents or in a special children bed
    • children between 4 and 10 years old with charge in amount of 50,00 zł for day for accommodation with breakfast, sleeping on extra bed in one room together with their parents
    • a stay of a pet with an additional charge / guests take full responsibility for the damages caused by their pets/
    • reservation of parking place with an additional charge of 20 zł/night. During making a reservation please ask for availability of the parking space.

<liVisitor’s tax in amount of 3,50 zl for a person and day is not included

General rules
Hotel Caspar’s purpose is the providing the optimal conditions for relax for our guests.
Rights and obligations of guests are determined in general terms and conditions of reservation and stay in hotel Caspar, hereinafter referred to as conditions.


Declaration of the stay
The declaration of a stay in hotel Caspar follows with a making of a reservation and transferring the prepayment in the prior settled amount within a prior settled time period.

Making of a binding reservation is equivalent to accepting  the general terms and conditions of the stay in hotel Caspar.


Payment conditions
The prices for the services are contractual prices and include the value added tax. The place of fulfilling the obligation of the payment for the stay is the bank account of the hotel Caspar.


After the declaration of a stay the guest is obliged to make a prepayment for the benefit of the hotel in amount settled down with the reservation department or at least 30% of the arranged price for the stay.


The unpaid amount for the stay should be paid by the guest at the reception desk in cash or by credit card. The guest staying at the hotel is obliged to pay the additional visitor’s tax for each day of the stay in value settled down by the currently valid resolution of the town council. The charge for dog or cat is 10,00 zl for one night, and the stay with an animal should be declared and agreed prior to the arrival. The guest takes full responsibility for the damages caused by the animal.


The rights of the guest
The guest has the right to take advantage of all the services contained in the offer of the hotel Caspar after the approval and fulfillment of the present conditions.

The guests have the right to obtain the necessary help and care and to express their objections and suggestions to the stay at the reception desk.


The obligations of the guest
Since the beginning of the stay the guest is obliged to act according to recommendation of the representatives of the hotel related to the stay enabling to carry out the stay.


The guest is obliged to follow the fire order and fire instructions at the accommodation place. Smoking is forbidden on the premises of the hotel.


In case of the glaring or persistent violation of the settled order of the stay by the guest that can pose a threat to the interests of the other guests, the hotel can terminate the agreement with immediate effect. All costs caused by the guest, will charge in this case the guest, who didn’t comply to the hotel’s order.


Complaints about the accommodation, alimentation or other conditions of the stay should be announced in verbal or written form at the reception desk of the hotel.


About the way of handling the complaint the guest will be informed by the employee of the reception.


Hotel Caspar is not responsible for the non- performance or improper performance of the agreement, which is caused only by activity or omission of the guest.


The guest is obliged to cover the costs caused only by his fault during the stay. For the damages caused by minors are liable their legal guardians. Hotel is not responsible for the faults or non-performance of the obligations related to the performance of the obligations, that were offered as services of subcontractors. (such as arranging of a trip to the destination place or a rented car, optional events etc.)


The hotel is not responsible for the guest’s car left outside the hotel car park.


Exclusion of liability
The hotel has the compensations liability according to the regulation of the civil code.


The hotel reserves the right to cancel the stay at any time before the arrival in case of state of necessity caused by force majeure independent of the hotel. Dues of performance obliged the hotel to present a substitute offer on the rules of priority or to refund the paid amount.


The hotel is liable for the money and valuables given by the guest in deposit.


Cancellation of the reservation
Cancellation of the reservation because of the refund of the paid prepayment requires a written statement. Prepayment according to the Polish law is a non refundable form of payment.


The Hotel can according to the prior arrangements with the guest defer the stay for another convenient for the guest and the hotel time period.


The Hotel don’t refund the prepayment in case of the cancellation of the ordered service by the guest.


In case of cancellation during the stay because of the dishonest performance of the agreement by Hotel Caspar, the total unused payment for the stay will be refunded. In case of a cancellation during the stay for reasons that are not attributable to the hotel only the settled amount for the unused services will be refunded.


Making a reservation and transferring of the prepayment is equivalent to acceptation of the above mentioned general terms and conditions.


Hotel reserves the right of making changes in price list within one month before the end of each calendar year.


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