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History of Hotel

The most important idea in founding the proper name is reaching back to the history of the town and region. In search for the right name we went through historical sources. We were surprised be the same name of famous people living or staying in Cieplice which is repeatedly appearing.


1515 – Caspar Schaffgotsch (owner of Cieplice ) – built the chapel at the parish church.
1569 – Caspar Hoffmann medic – examined and prepared ​​the first scientific description of Spa Cieplice.
1599 – Caspar Ebert built a larger water reservoir for the monastery .
1607 – Caspar von Ossig Schwenckfeld explorer of the Giant Mountains Nature and doctor from Cieplice, who gave the first detailed scientific description of the spa and therapeutic properties of its springs.
1711 – Caspar Jentsch rebuilt church and baths after large fire in Cieplice
1736 – Caspar Gottlieb Lindner writer
1847 – Caspar David Friedrich – a well known painter, who lived in Cieplice.


Nice name, pleasant associations, historical reasons, international lettering, right pronunciation, good for marketing purposes – and so it has become the name CASPAR.

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