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Area Atractions

Bad Warmbrunn

The oldest Polish spa town, over the centuries it has been developing separately, and now is a part of Jelenia Gora. The Guests of the spa resort, where you can take advantage of healing thermal water were among the others: Queen Marysieńka, Hugo Kołłątaj, Johann Wolfgang Goethe.


Spa Park

Founded in 1819 in the French style (completely rebuilt in 1838), occupies the central part of the health resort and is the oasis for tourists. Main walking path leads through linden alley where you can find band shell, the Spa Pavilion and the Animation Theater (built in 1836).


Norwegian Park

Der Name von dem im 1906 gegründeten Park kommt vom reizvollen Norwegischen Pavillon (vom Jahre 1909) gebaut nach dem Vorbild von einem bekannten Restaurant in Oslo. Unter einer malerischen Weide neben einer Brücke befindet sich ein Granitstein zum Gedenken an das Treffen vom Wincenty Pol, Kornel Ujejski und Purkyni (einem tschechischen Naturwissenschaftler). Im Norwegischen Pavillon befindet sich das Naturwissenschaftliche Museum.


Muzeum Przyrodnicze
Cieplicka Str. 11a
58-560 Jelenia Góra-Cieplice
phone.: 75 755 15 06

The museum founded by Schaffgotsch Familly holds a fine collection of butterflies and one of the largest collections of European and exotic birds. It was located previously for many years in the Norwegian Pavilion in the Norwegian Park, but from 7-th of November 2013 it invites you to its new seat in the Cistercian monastery, at the Church of the Saint John the Baptist in Cieplice.


Schaffgotsch Palace
Plac Piastowski 27
58-560 Jelenia Góra

Late baroque palace (1784-1788), which is located opposite to our hotel, is a reminder of the time when these areas were ruled by wealthy Schaffgotsch family. Today in the building is located the branch of the Technical University in Wroclaw.


Church of Saint John the Baptist
Cieplicka str. 9
58-560 Jelenia Góra
phone.: 75 642 88 10

Baroque church built between 1712 and 1714 with side chapels and galleries. On the altar from 1716, the painting by Michał Willman (from 1687), who was called the Silesian Rafael, accompanied on both sides by sculptures of saints Peter and Paul, John the Baptist and saint John Evangelist.  Attention of the visitors attracts also the richly decorated pulpit. Under the church is a crypt with the remains of the previous owners of Cieplice – the Schaffgotsch Family. The church is a part of the most valuable historical building complex in Cieplice – Cistercian complex.


Cisterican complex
Cieplicka str. 9
58-560 Jelenia Góra

phone.: 75 642 88 10

It was built thanks to the Cistercians from Krzeszów (from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century). Cistercians Monastery Complex consists of the church of saint John the Baptist and four-wing and two-storey monastery building with patio. Churchyard (former cemetery) separated from the street with a stone wall is closed by freestanding bell tower (from 1710).


Long House
K.Grześkowiaka str.
58-560 Jelenia Góra

The oldest monastery spa house (1689-1693). After the dissolution of the Cistercian monastery the building was bought by the Schaffgotsch Family (in 1810) in order to put in it their collections of books (at the beginning of 50’s they had about 80 000 volumes), weapons, graphics, coins and natural & geographical collections. Currently there are located clinics and offices of the Spa Cieplice.


Evangelical Church
Piastowski str. 18
58-560 Jelenia Góra

It was built by an architect Demus from Jelenia Góra on the ground plan connecting oval shape and cross, in the years 1774-1779. Inside there are the rococo furnishings.

Town Museum of Toys from the collection of Henryk Tomaszewski
Kolejowa str. 3
58-540 Karpacz
phome: 75 76 18 523

The World closed in a miniature, where you can admire a collection of puppets and toys (from around 200 years). Next to the teddy bear “Uszatek” you can see many other puppets like

these from Japan or Mexico. The museum was established on the basis of the collection of the

famous mime artist and founder of the Wroclaw Mime Theatre – Henryk Tomaszewski.


Wang Temple in Karpacz
Na Śnieżkę Str. 8
58-540 Karpacz
phone: 75 75 282 90

The pearl of Scandinavian religious architecture. In the Middle Ages there were more than

1000 churches like this one only in Norway, today on the whole world there are only 30 of

them, 28 in Norway, one in Sweden and one in Karpacz – you have to see it.


Secrets of Karkonosze
A.Mickiewicza Str. 1a
58-540 Karpacz
phone: 75 76 19 999

The work of the world famous artists, which in connection with the achievements of modern

technology allows you to get familiar with the extraordinary story of the Mountain Spirit,

called Liczyrzepa.


Fairy Tales Park
Wilcza Str. 2
58-540 Karpacz
phone: 783 959 868

Entertainment with elements of education for children. While wandering on the forest path,

children can get familiar with fairy tales among the others those of the Grimm Brothers, like

Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella.


Crystal Factory Julia in Piechowice
Żymierskiego Str. 73
58-573 Piechowice
phone: 75 761 2413

Existing for over 140 years the crystal factory is a magic place, where you can feel the heat of

the glass factory oven. You can watch the process of making unusual crystals, based on the

over the ages preserved method of production.
Lower Silesia Monuments miniature Park
Zamkowa Str. 9
58-530 Kowary
phone: 75 75 22 242

Open regardless to the season the place gives opportunity to visit a lot of unique buildings,

including palaces, monasteries, in approximately one hour, all in 1:25 scale.


Drifts Kowary
Podgórze 55
58-560 Kowary
phone: 75 75 28 458

Mysteries, legends and true history, this is the tourist route “Drift Kowary”. Wandering

through the underground drifts, caves and chambers, you get familiar with the work of former



Chojnik Castle
58-570 Jelenia Góra – Sobieszów
phone: 75 755 63 94

Built in the fourteenth century by Bolko II. Till 1675, when a great fire burned it down, it was

a main residence of Schaffgotsch family.


Valley of Palaces and Gardens

Unique place in regard to both to Poland and to Europe. In the stunning natural environment

are located tens of nobleman’s residences, including medieval castles, renaissance mansions

and nineteenth-century palaces.


Town Museum House of Gerhard Hauptmann
Michałowicka Str. 32
58-570 Jelenia Góra|
phone: 75 755 32 86

Five exhibition rooms related to the work of Gerhart Hauptmann – German writer and Nobel

Prize laureate (in 1912).


Mineralogical Museum
Kilińskiego Str. 20
58-570 Szklarska Poręba
phone: 607 100 880

More than 3 000 exhibits, minerals from all over the world, and even one from the cosmos.

This is the place where one of the most original geological collections in Poland has been

gathered together.

Karkonosze’s light festival in Jelenia Góra – Cieplice Zdrój

For the first time in Poland was organized in 2009, in Cieplice. The initiator and organizer of the Karkonosze’s light festival is Mr. Robert Futerhendler, a professional architect, and coowner of the Hotel *** Restaurant Caspar.
Date: January or February.


Festival of Street Theatre

In 1982, for the first time in Poland- in Jelenia Gora was organized Street Theatre Festival – a unique event that is worth to be seen.
Date: beginning of August


Fair Antiquities and Peculiarities
One of the largest events of this kind in Poland. Everything started already in 1973 and to this day the for last weekend in September fair attracts collectors from all over Europe.
Date: the last weekend of September
Cross-Country skiing in Jakuszyce (summer and winter)

the international Skievent, that has been organized on the Jakuszycka glade since 1976. The cross-coutry skiing has now its summer counterpart, organized at the end of august.
Term: usually the end of February or the beginning of March
The Giant Mountains Rally

This year (2013) it was organized for the 28 th. time. During the years it has been changing its
significance including the round of the European Rally Championship. In 2008 it has returned
as qualification round of the Polish Rally Championship.
Term: July/August


Waterfall Kamieńczyk

The highest waterfall (846 m) on the polish side of Giant Mountains, consisting of three

cascades, with the total height of 27 meters.


Waterfall Szklarka

The second highest waterfall (13.3 m) in the Polish part of the Giant Mountains (520 m). Due

to the convenient location waterfall Szklarska is the most popular one.



The highest of all 54 peaks in Giant Mountains (1602 m). This is a magic mountain, where

you can observe many unique natural phenomena. At the good weather you are even able

to see Wroclaw. On the top of the mountain is situated a restaurant and a meteorological



Łabski Szczyt

located between Szrenica and Snowy Cirques – the characteristic peak with a height of 1471

meters above the sea level.



This is after Sniezka the second most famous peak (1362 m.) in Giant Mountains. In the past

however more important was the near meadow, where cattle of beef grazed and Walloons

found precious stones.


Snowy cirques

Two postglacial cirques situated between Łabski Szczyt and the Wielki Szyszak, in the

strict area of National Park Giant Mountains. On the edge of the cirques are located several

viewpoints. Certainly that is one of the most beautiful places in the whole Giant Mountains.

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