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History of Cieplice

The beginnings of Cieplice date back to the second half of XIII century. At that time hot springs were already well known. From them town have taken its name, in German – Bad Warmbrunn (Willa Warmbrona in year 1288 ), in Latin – Callidus fons ( in year 1281) and Polish – Cheplewode ( in year 1318).


Gotsche Schoff has become the new owner of Cieplice in 1381- he was a knight in service of the prince Bolko II Świdnicko – Jaworski. Gotsche Schoff bought Cieplice from Agnieszka- the widow of the prince. This place remained in hands of Schaffgotsch family for next centuries.


To the popularity of water springs in Cieplice have contributed their first scientific descriptions. Brandenburg physician Caspar Hoffman examined and described the local hot water already in 1569. However, in 1607 in Zgorzelec was published much better and more extensive scientific research work written by Caspar Schwenckfeld, an eminent naturalist and physician from Jelenia Gora.


In 1902 the well known wood carving school was founded. The town was also famous for its local village fair called “Tallsackmarkt”, during which unique gingerbreads were sold. In 1925, Cieplice officially received the nickname Bad – Medical Spa. And in 1935-received municipal rights.

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